Thursday, February 11, 2010

the only way to save the world is to buy it

My name is Deborah Paulino and for 10 years I developed and ran a couple of arts employment resources called and (RIP for now).

I am still passionate about saving culture through the arts industries, but as all artists know, high rents are forcing us to scatter and mass produce d├ęcor and fashion are killing our industries. So I’m putting my experience with and research on micro economies to do something real and tangible about it.

I’m seeking donations to buy back a small remote Australian town, population 20,000, once a vibrant artist and writer colony, now a cheesy tourist trap.

The goal of our mission is to secure the majority of the domestic, commercial and farming, real estate, green renovate and touch screen enable it, and give it back to it’s artists, writers, eco, and community workers as self sustaining low income housing community with tools to create and sell their art.

It’s going to take a few hundred million dollars to do this without raising eyebrows or press, roughly the price of a party yacht for a billionaire playboy, but if we can save one town we can use the experience as a prototype to save more.

 I am open to looking at feasible ideas to raise money and manage the project. We can start turning a whole town and population into art as soon as we buy the first round of real estate.

To receive more info about the project and be invited to the contributors discussion group: Please donate at least $11 or more. (11 is the numerological number of the town’s name), you can leave questions in the Leave a Note box when you donate.

For large donations of $9,000 or more - donate up to $9,000 and leave a note with your contact info for me to make special banking and security arrangements for the remainder.

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Please post this message to friends.

Thank you for contributing.


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