Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Brave New Education System

With the advance of media and technological entertainment kids are more skilled these days in pushing buttons and pulling triggers than they are in tying their own shoelaces or boiling an egg.

That may sound cool if you are a kid playing a computer game, but out here in the real world it will get you into trouble. And even though they are on TV, jail and gangs are not fun; you do physically and mentally and emotionally hurt and die when somebody shoots or knifes or rapes you or your family or friends or your pet dog.

In the real world you gotta know how to boil an egg, how to sew on a button, how to change a tire or oil on a car, how to do basic bookkeeping, how to be a member of a community, how to change a baby’s nappy, how to bandage a wound, how to address other people politely so you can get something you want, how to work out problems, how to think before you act, how to wipe your ass and not piss on the toilet seat.

If parents aren’t taught this in school, how can they teach their own kids at home, how can they prevent their kids from joining gangs, how can they instill the value of education and being a good neighbor and how to live life in the real world if they aren’t taught the basics themselves? If schools can't use a stronger punishment than detention, how are they going to get the message through?

Reading, writing and math can be learned by 8 years old, so what are kids learn through to year 12 and college? Why can’t they boil an egg or know simple hygiene or understand common sense and basic good manners? Why aren’t kids taught lateral thinking so they can work out simple problems by themselves? Maybe it’s not so much lack of funding as the wrong types of classes being taught in elementary, high school, and college?

Maybe kids do need school uniforms and basic life skills to teach them what they really have to do out there and being a member of a community? Maybe kids don’t need too much freedom, because they get the wrong messages about how to be a member of society?

Look at our current reality on the street today, what sort of society are we creating? Look up Richmond and Vallejo, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out the troubles they deal with. 15 year old kids shooting folks in church, 2 year old girls being shot through the wall of a house, ice-cream ladies shot in their ice-cream van, and on and on. The place is an urban war zone. These aren’t mobs of protestors fighting for human rights, these are kids with real guns reliving video games killing real people, because nobody taught them otherwise.

All you Silicon Valley and video game makers should get on your knees and bow your heads and mourn for your souls in shame. A TV screen is one of the strongest forms of hypnotism. You’ve taken one of man’s greatest teaching and healing aids and used it to create street thugs and killers. You ask anybody that lives in places like Richmond and Vallejo, or extremist terrorist families.

Mister Media Man would you move your offices to places like these? “No!” Why? “Because the kids watch too many video games to be useful interns and the kids use real guns to kill people. Der!”

Video game moguls and any violent media industries should start using those millions and billions of dollars they’ve made from teaching kids to kill and start putting it to teaching kids what they really need to know. How to be the beautiful bright human beings they are meant to be and to be here in the world as loving members of society.

Enough already, we don’t want to have people go through this kind of trauma anymore, it is insane, it is horrifying and most if not all of it is preventable. Premeditated violent media is killing people, it is a murderer of sentient human beings, therefore it and it’s makers is should be judged as murderers according to law and made to clean up the mess. Society humanity the whole planet desperately needs educational media, not violent media.

Humanity is life’s real experience, not frat goofs and giggles. What do they teach you in college? Obviously not how to be members of a larger society, that’s for sure. And why’s that? Because your won professors weren’t taught any better either.

So you begin to see the pattern here.

Violent media - Wake up, get out of the loop and crash the loop. Take your violent media off the shelves, and recall what ever is out there. Use the blood money you’ve made to heal the harm you’ve done and you will make money and your soul will go to paradise in this lifetime.

Tax premeditated violent media out of existence.

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