Friday, February 5, 2010

Devil Worship

The true god that every religion in the East and West teaches and bases their individual cultures on is a god of love.

To pursue war or pollution, destruction of quality of lifestyle, or violence of any kind that hurts people is creating human sacrifice, a different god, more like the devil as described by those same religions.

The most violent, war ridden, and the most pollution ridden places and organizations are run by men. It seems the places with less rights for women have the more war and polution in their community.  Documentaries and priests will tell you these are signs of the devil or devil worship.

Also the places where women give up their rights and personal power to men have more pollution, war, and domestic violence. Traditional signs of the devil.

I'm not saying men are the devil, but I think men have Eve's temptation a bit too far and it's Eve's job to empower herself and her sisters and set Adam straight. Right now is the first time in over 2000 years where women have the power to do that. War, gangs, corruption, dirty politics it's all the same thing, men following the devil and practicing devil worship as described in religious texts.

It's time for women to grow up and stop having babies and start slapping their men into line and cleanup the planet and society, as tribal Aboriginal women are doing in Australia. And it's time for men to stop acting liked scared naughty greedy little bully boys with wooden toys that hurt people. Regardless of race, creed, religion, or what your mother said.

God is God by any name and all religious agree that the one true God is a God of LOVE.

Spiritually Speaking

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