Friday, April 27, 2012

Where are the cool people?

Back when smoking was allowed at the back of an airplane that is where you would go if you wanted a descent conversation and to meet cool people.  While everyone else was suck in their self satisfied non smoking seats bored out of their minds we would be down the back of the plane having a party. Smoking cigarets was how you spotted an intelligent open minded person who didn't have a bur stuck up their ass.  Non-smokers would tsk tsk, but their small minded conceit would prevent them from meeting new people, learning something new, or having fun.  I find it pretty much the same today. Have you ever noticed how non-smokers are neurotic and insecure? They are uptight and can't relax, worse still they think they are better than everybody else. Snobbery is just as bad for a community as the chemicals William Morris puts in their tobacco. The other problem is that non-smokers have pushed the cool people underground, so it is harder to find somebody to have a good conversation with. 

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