Monday, July 11, 2011

Never Marry or Have Babies With A Poor Man

Your number one reason for arguments and resenting each other will be money. Don’t bother dating a poor man, because he will spend all he has now on fancy dates to impress you, then when he’s got you, his money will be gone and you will be expected to pay for everything or else date nights will be staying at home watching cheap videos.

Men are very sensitive insecure proud creatures; when they are poor they know it and they hate it and take their frustrations out on the people nearest to them, namely their girlfriends, wives, and children.  People can’t be poor and totally happy living in today’s world, there are too many things you have to have a lot of money for.  There is not a single couple of any race, culture, or age who are poor and don’t fight about money.

Definitely don’t have children with a poor man.  Love doesn’t pay for shoes, medical, dental, school books, computers, clothes, or a roof over your heads.  And if he’s poor he’s probably not educated enough nor has enough free time to give decent home schooling.  Don’t send your kids to free schools if you want them to have a future above the poverty line.  If children from poor families don’t get really good educations they have much higher chances of staying poor and falling into gangs, drugs, crime, health problems, and teen pregnancy.

The USA education system sucks, including the universities.  If you don’t have money for good private schooling, preferably in Europe or Australia or New Zealand, don’t even think about having children. Sell your eggs instead, because you will need the money in the future to save your marriage or save yourself from being homeless.  I feel sympathy for women who are brainwashed into thinking they have to have lots of children. Having babies wreaks havoc on your body, your healthy and stress levels, as well as your long-term financial security. You have to take care of yourself in old age and start early, because today’s kids don’t take care of their parents, they put their parents in old people’s homes and their parents (you) have to pay for it.

The body clock is simple hormones and family pressure from hopeful grandparents and spinster aunts. Don’t listen to them because it will force you into having babies and being tied to drudgery for life, that you don’t want in the long run. Parents say they don’t regret it when the kids are little, but when the kids are teens and getting into drugs and crime and trouble the parents think differently. Children from teen parents or parents in their early twenties have more health and learning problems and are more likely to stay poor and fall into trouble.

Women who have babies without money to support their babies are obviously mentally ill; good mothers don’t do that.  Good mothers make sure there are enough money and good surroundings for their kids before they conceive. Farm animals, such as horses, and many animals in the wild don’t conceive unless there is enough food and good habitat for their babies to grow up in.  In the animal world having babies is a privilege not a right, but in the human world we have babies all over the place for fashion and ego and family pressure, without any consideration for those babies' futures as adults.

Women like the Octamom and teen moms are mentally ill equipped to have children, they don’t know what they are doing and should not be allowed to have children, for the children’s sake. It is cruel to a child to bring them up in poverty, just as it's cruel to have babies with disabilities. The kids don’t know the difference until somebody tells them at school. Then when they realize they are poor and need more they end up frustrated and resentful, in therapy on medication, or substance abuse or doing something stupid. The Ocatamom had to sell her dignity and privacy for the rest of her life to pay for her kids.

Even if he is a good man and does his best, a poor man will have no time for you in the long run, because he has to work three times harder and longer to pay the bills, often having to travel to work, and if you really love him it is so much worse missing him. His credit rating will be low so you have to pay more for loan repayments.  His health will suffer from money stress so you have to pay more in medical bills and medications in the long-term.  Your sex life will dwindle to near nothing because you are both stressed and tired from working all the time to pay bills, and never be able to catch up and rest. Money woes will always be hanging over your heads.

If you live in the bush in a hut and eat roots and leaves, and don’t need Internet, a doctor, a job, decent clothes, a car, or phone for your whole life ignore what I’m saying, it doesn’t affect you. But if you live anywhere near civilization or you need a doctor you need money, and lots of it. If you don’t have money you either have to earn it or marry it.  Unfortunate but true.

Even when you are in love money is a hard fact of life.


Eric Wingo said...

A woman should choose a man who she thinks will be successful as a family man and a professional. If she does not think he will be successful, she should keep looking. A man should look for a woman he thinks will be successful as a wife, mother and professional. One should look for a partner, careful to avoid an anchor. If you have money, you should likely look for someone with money. This is a simple gold digger defense. I had two undergraduate degrees and no money when I married. My wife was a recent college graduate. We both had no funds, but we both knew the other could work and had a reasonable degree of ambition. As partners, we have lived through thick and thin and are now reasonably well off, with two sons in college. Work on yourself. Don't look for someone to complete you. Prepare to be a good partner. Look for a good partner. No matter how carefully you are in choosing your mate they will be like you, imperfect. Your happiness and your family's happiness will rely on you enduring your choices with class. Children are not a curse. Children encourage their parents to grow. Children are a blessing.

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