Monday, June 6, 2011

Are Americans Too Lazy?

Laziness putting children in danger.
Americans blaming others for problems they are causing themselves?

A big girls guide to saving the economy…
The slow economy is not the President’s fault it’s the people’s fault. When a country’s people don’t buy locally made goods and produce the economy is going to tank and stay in the tank.  No government or president can force people to buy local unless they ban imports completely, which governments can’t because it would cause more wars.  The American people cannot blame their President for the slow economy. American people are keeping the economy and killing jobs by not buying locally made and grown products and produce. The likes of Wallmart and Target may employ tens of thousands of American people in retail and distribution but they put hundreds of thousands of American people out of work in manufacturing and packaging by sending those jobs overseas. The American people are putting themselves out of work and sending their own jobs overseas by buying cheap imported goods.
Parents are blaming the web for putting their children at risk from online predators and bullies, but it’s a parents job to monitor their kids web use at all times until the age of 18.  The web and cell phones is the same as real life, just because it is on a screen does not mean it is safe.  Parents have spend more time being parents, because that is the lifetime commitment they signed up for by having children in the first place.  This goes the same for children’s education - parents since the beginning of time have taught their own children life skills, such as cooking and nutrition, house cleaning, childcare, balancing a checkbook, basic sewing and garment repair. If more parents and schools stepped up to the plate and taught the necessary skills for life there would be less school dropouts and more adults who can handle real life with good work ethics who don’t need to go on benefits.
Illegal immigrants are not the government’s fault. American people hire illegal immigrants to mow their lawns and clean their houses and put yet more American citizens out of work by 5.2% according to 2010 statistics.  Why, because Americans say they don’t have time or the work is too menial for them. Yet if more Americans mowed their own lawns with push mowers and cleaned their own houses with eco friendly products they would have fewer health problem costs and more money in the bank, or at least free up 7,000,000 jobs for Americans instead of the government paying billions in benefits and cutting education. Doing simple yard work every week is much healthier exercise than no yard work.  Plus if Americans stopped hiring illegal immigrants for menial jobs there would be a lot fewer reasons for illegal immigrants to cross the border. If a wealthy British princess cleans her own house and does her own makeup, then so can the average American citizen. 
Americans create their own road traffic problems in a number of ways. They give cars to teens that are too immature to drive. They drive to the grocers when they can bicycle.  They use cell phones while driving. They don’t car pool.  They don’t take public transport.  Roads are a finite space the same as land is, it doesn’t magically increase to handle extra traffic, plus there’s no more room or funding. America can’t look after it’s current roads and bridges properly let alone build and maintain new roads.  Where will people live and children play if all of the land is taken up by roads? We live in an overcrowded over populated world where we need to relearn how to live to accommodate the overpopulation with children by irresponsible lazy parents.  Americans need to grow up and stop being in love with their cars, speed, and convenience. 
Americans create their own health problems from their laziness. Apart from eating out and eating fast food and refined sugar in everyday foods, such as butter and bread Americans rely too much on doctors.  They put themselves and their children at risk with synthetic medications with nasty side effects when instead a few diet changes and herb remedies do a better job and no side effects.  They spend too much money on unnecessary drugs and put their selves and children at more risk and in more dept with unnecessary electronic scans that cause cancer from radiation. They create their own allergies by not eating locally grown produce that has the enzymes that fend off allergies. They use lead additives in motorized tools, such as lawn mowers and trimmers, which deposit toxic lead and chemical residue in their gardens and homes.  They drive cars for short errands when they can walk or ride a bicycle; they hire others to do house and yard work when they can do it themselves to stay fit and save money on gym memberships and personal trainers.  They spend millions on protesting cigarettes yet drive cars that do far more damage to far more people. They use house cleaners and weed killers and fertilizers with toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer and leukemia around their homes and gardens and children when there are plenty of nontoxic alternatives available.
The drug war is an obvious fix, make the drugs legal, tax it and use the money for free rehab and education.  By forcing drugs underground you also force addicts underground where you can’t help them or their voracious addictions.  Amsterdam, Netherlands, has been living proof since the 1960’s; their children and citizens do not have the drug problems per capita that the USA does.  They don’t spend billions on drug wars because they are in control of the drugs and they provide free rehab and education. No underground drug trade, no drug war.
American laziness is killing the economy and putting its people and children at risk, not the government.
Wake up America.

Bio: Deborah is a freelance writer, festival coordinator, and eco fashion designer who grew up in Australia and went to college in London and lived in several different countries before marrying and settling in San Francisco.

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